With a costuming background of around twenty years, The Intrepid Productions creates costumes that are family-friendly, yet still striking. Their goal is to bring not just a costume to an event, but an experience. They want the people that have come in contact with these characters to leave with a smile, and the feeling that they have actually met that character and not some person in a suit!

Intrepid are most known for the Weeping Angel from DOCTOR WHO, NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS’s Jack, Sally, and Oogie Boogie; and recently, Pyramid Head from SILENT HILL. Most of the time people recognize the costumes long before they recognize who is behind them. Intrepid always strives to to make each character’s interaction as magical as possible, and kids always come first.

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Sci-fi, fantasy, and horror - the Famous Monsters Convention in Dallas has what you crave!

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