Sean S. Cunningham’s name is forever etched into the lore of horror film history, having directed the original FRIDAY THE 13TH, which slayed the box office and blew audience’s minds. Sequel after sequel followed throughout the 80s, and eventually gave Jason the kind of supernatural, larger-than-life characteristics that fell upon Michael Myers, whose original HALLOWEEN inspired Cunningham to make FRIDAY THE 13TH in the first place.

Eventually, Cunningham did return to the franchise, producing JASON GOES TO HELL in 1993. He also produced the follow-ups JASON X (2001), FREDDY VS. JASON (2003), the 2009 reboot, and a FRIDAY THE 13TH video game.

Cunningham was also very close with horror icon Wes Craven and produced several of his films, including LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT, which placed both of them very clearly on the slasher map in 1972. Though he hasn’t directed a mainstream film since DEEPSTAR SIX in 1989, Cunningham continues to be a successful producer and is involved in the making of many documentaries about the phenomenon that is Jason Voorhees.


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