Created by Yuji Kaida for the first stateside showing of the film since its original release, the art will be available on t-shirts and posters exclusively for convention attendees.

Shin Godzilla deserves nothing less than a grand entrance, and Famous Monsters Convention Dallas has invited veteran monster artist Yuji Kaida to roll out the red carpet.

Kaida, reknowned for his poster and design work on properties like GUNDAM, ULTRAMAN, and EVANGELION, has been a Toho poster artist for many years, and recently garnered attention for his explosive image marketing the Japanese release of KONG: SKULL ISLAND.

He was also heavily involved in art teasers for the media roll out of SHIN GODZILLA (many of which involved the famous kaiju facing off against mechs from EVANGELION, in a reference to the film’s directors being Evangelion dream team Shinji Higuchi and Hideaki Anno).

Kaida’s brand new art for the Famous Monsters Convention features the hellish-looking Godzilla roaring against a red, apocalyptic sky.

Famous Monsters Convention Dallas will be screening SHIN GODZILLA, courtesy of Funimation, for the first time in the US since its limited theatrical run last October (and the last time before an official Blu-ray release later this year). The screening will be followed by a special panel discussion with director Shinji Higuchi and special effects cinematographer Keiichi Sakurai. This much-anticipated event is being offered as a separate add-on to convention admission, and comes with one Yuji Kaida t-shirt per ticket, while supplies last.

See Kaida’s full art for Famous Monsters’ SHIN GODZILLA screening below.



FAMOUS MONSTERS screening of SHIN GODZILLA Poster by Yuji Kaida
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