You might say that Shinji Higuchi is well accquainted with robots and giant monsters. Before becoming married to the special effects-driven franchises of current Japanese cinema, Higuchi began his career as a storyboard artist for animation and CGI-laden extravaganzas like CASSHERN (2004). His extensive experience with storyboarding reads like a “what’s what” of science fiction anime: NEON GENESIS EVANGELION, SPACE BATTLESHIP YAMATO 2199, MACROSS PLUS, and more.

After acting as special effects director for the critically acclaimed 90s Gameria triology, Higuchi directed several short films (with titles like “Giant God Warrior Appears in Tokyo”, naturally) before taking on period piece THE FLOATING CASTLE (2012) and finally, in 2015, the much-anticipated live action adaptations of Hajime Isayama’s ATTACK ON TITAN. In 2016, Higuchi returned to his roots (as an effects assistant on GODZILLA 1985) by taking on SHIN GODZILLA, the highly publicized Toho production that was Gojira’s first Japanese cinema appearance in since GODZILLA: FINAL WARS in 2004. SHIN GODZILLA, featuring the largest-scale version of the monster ever put on film, even enjoyed a limited stateside release from Funimation.

Famous Monsters Convention Dallas will be screening SHIN GODZILLA for the very first time in the US since its theatrical run.


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