Your ticket to the Famous Monsters Convention includes admission to the Silver Scream Festival!

2017 marks the second year of Famous Monsters’ and Santa Rosa Entertainment Group’s Silver Scream Film and Comic Festival, a genre film event that debuted in March 2016 to outstanding critical and popular acclaim. Normally held in Santa Rosa and originally scheduled for February, the Famous Monsters and Cosmic-Con event will instead run for two nights at the Dallas Sheraton alongside the Famous Monsters Convention.

The Silver Scream Fest strives to continue Famous Monsters founder Forrest J Ackerman’s legacy of honoring genre classics while simultaneously looking for the best new voices in horror, science fiction, and fantasy. Attaching the festival to a convention will enable Cosmic-Con and Famous Monsters to focus on independent films, short films, and screenplays. The submission deadlines for 2017 have been extended to allow for local Dallas writers’ and filmmakers’ participation.

In addition to films and animation, for its second year running, the Silver Scream Fest will be highlighting original scripts and graphic novels as essential building blocks of film production. Winners will be selected from a pool of entries for special awards, presented by Imagi-Movies®, as well as publication by Famous Monsters’ very own American Gothic Press. The Silver Scream Fest prides itself in being unique and focused on the quality content of multiple mediums.


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Short Film
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Graphic Novel
Graphic Novel Script

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