About Famous Monsters Convention
The Famous Monsters Convention is a unique event experience formed from the science fiction enthusiasm for conventions and the creative passion of horror fanatics. Running at the Dallas Sheraton May 26-28, 2017, the event features genre film and television stars, vendors, artists, and a full blown independent film festival in the form of the 2017 Silver Scream Film and Comic Fest. Famous Monsters’ legacy is rooted in fostering fan creativity, from its founder Forry Ackerman’s very first documented cosplay to the pages of the black and white magazine that changed lives around the world, and the Dallas Convention will keep that tradition alive with guests from THE X-FILES, STAR TREK, SHIN GODZILLA, and many more.

Convention Event Hours:
For General Admission:
Friday, May 26th: 5pm – 9pm   |   Saturday, May 27th: 10am – 7pm   |   Sunday, May 28th: 10am – 5pm

For VIP Entry:
Friday: 4pm – 9pm   |   Saturday/Sunday: 9am – 5pm


Sheraton Dallas Hotel & Convention Center
400 N Olive St., Dallas, TX 75201


TICKETS WILL NOT BE MAILED OUT IN ADVANCE. Please present your QR Code or use the App on your mobile device at registration for a badge to enter the exhibitor floor and panel rooms. If you purchased your ticket via our 3rd party vendors, please remember to redeem your code PRIOR to the show date. You will not be able to redeem your code onsite during the show dates.

For those who did not purchase their tickets in advance, single day tickets can be purchased at the registration area inside the Sheraton Dallas Hotel & Convention Center during the show, while subject to availability. Tickets may be sold out before show starts. It is best advised to reserve your tickets in advance.

Ticket prices at the door are subject to additional processing fees.

All children ages 11 and under are FREE with a paid Adult Admission.  Children MUST not be left unattended at the event. Limit 1 Free Child Ticket per paid adult ticket. Child Badges are issued on site only.

In order to upgrade your badge or purchase a bonus product, you must create an account here using the same email you used to purchase your original ticket.

There are NO REFUNDS or exchanges on admission tickets for any reason.

Credit card will be charged at time of purchase.


Guest Appearances

While all guests are booked and promoted by us in good faith and assurance that they will appear, unforeseen events may cause guests to cancel, including but not limited to: scheduling conflicts, health issues, emergency, and inclement weather. All conventions suffer cancellations for one reason or another. Although cancellations are disappointing for all of us, tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE as they are a guarantee for access into the convention and not a guarantee of any particular advertised guest. Since we do offer a large selection of talent, shopping, exhibits, and entertainment at Famous Monsters Convention, guest cancellations will NOT be a consideration for any ticket refund request.



Exhibitor Items

Famous Monsters Convention, Cosmic-Con, LLC, its officers, employees, affiliates, licensors, sponsors, and advertisers are not responsible for sales of any items or services offered by individual exhibitors or guests. Each exhibitor or guest is an independent business or person and is responsible for the quality, authenticity, and safety of any and all items sold at the convention.



Do not bring real weapons to Famous Monsters Convention. They will be confiscated and turned over to the police. You may also face criminal charges. Do not bring knives, guns, throwing stars, swords, spears, incendiary devices, or anything else that would be classified as a weapon. Brandishing a weapon will result in your immediate ejection from the convention with no refund.



Famous Monsters Convention is a fun and safe space. This means we expect all visitors to be respectful of the rules to create a safe environment for fans of any ethnicity, creed, religious background, political background, gender, gender identity, sexual identity, sexual orientation, fandom, etc. We do not tolerate harassment in any form. This includes, but is not limited to: physical assault, verbal harassment, sexual harassment, stalking, unwanted physical contact, unwanted advances, or inappropriate photography. Inappropriate photography is defined as photography where the subject feels they are being stalked, exploited, degraded, or disrespected through being photographed. While it is reasonable to expect that photographers will be photographing cosplayers and other parts of the convention, should this photography become harassing or sexual in nature, the photographer will be subject to the above harassment policy. Harassment is defined by the victim.

If it is determined – either by observation or by complaint – that an individual or group has harassed another attendee, that individual or group may be:

  1. Warned to cease and desist;
  2. Asked to leave the convention, or;
  3. Removed from the convention for a period of time to be determined by staff.

For your own safety, if you feel that you are being harassed, please report your problems to the staff before anyone else. If you cannot find a staff, crew, or volunteer member to assist you, please go to the information desks located near registration or near the entrance of the exhibition floor. Please report to us before taking matters into your own hands (such as personally confronting the aggressor or posting on social media). We have professional security and they are properly equipped for these contingencies.


Badge Policy

By attending Famous Monsters® Convention or any part of Cosmic-Con® produced events, you agree to allow Famous Monsters Convention, and its producer Cosmic-Con, its agents, affiliates, licensors, licensees or assignees, the right to use your image and/or likeness by media now known or hereafter devised for advertising and/or other promotional purposes. You also agree not to take pictures or videos where posted or announced as prohibited and agree that any permitted photos or videos will not be used for any commercial purposes and will not be made publicly available or generally displayed without the prior written consent of Cosmic-Con.

Your event badge provides admission into the event only and does not provide the rights and privileges of a Famous Monsters/Cosmic-Con Member Account. This badge does not grant you free admission to any other Famous Monsters Convention or Cosmic-Con related events or conventions. It is unlawful to duplicate or sell your badge. This badge is non-transferable.

By registering for a paid or complimentary Famous Monsters Convention/Cosmic-Con badge you agree not to sell, trade, transfer or share your comp code, email confirmation, or badge. In the event that Famous Monsters Convention/Cosmic-Con determines that you have violated this policy, Cosmic-Con has the right to cancel your badge(s) and keep any money paid by you. Confirmations and/or badges that have been sold or provided by anyone other than Cosmic-Con will not be honored by Famous Monsters Convention/Cosmic-Con. You must wear and display your badge at all times while onsite and at any official Famous Monsters Convention/Cosmic-Con event.  All badges are the property of Cosmic-Con and must be relinquished to Cosmic-Con upon request. Cosmic-Con reserves the right to refuse admission, to refuse service and/or to cancel/revoke your Member Account and/or badge at Cosmic-Con’s discretion.

Your Cosmic-Con badge does not provide you a guest. All lost, misplaced, stolen and forgotten badges — paid or complimentary — will incur a badge replacement fee or require the purchase of a new badge. Cosmic-Con may perform any of the following validation of badges on entry to any area of the convention. These measures are an effort to prevent illegal badge duplication and unauthorized reselling. Cosmic-Con may scan a barcode, require a photo ID that matches the name on the badge, scan RFID embedded in the badge, and examine the badge with other technological and/or physical methods to verify authenticity of the badge and holder. Before leaving any registration area please make sure that the name on the badge matches your identification.


All information regarding attendance, appearance times & fees, photo opportunities and signatures of Celebrity Guests, Cosplayers, Artists & Writers to Famous Monsters Convention are subject to change at any time. Famous Monsters Convention and Cosmic-Con, LLC do not accept any liability.

There are NO REFUNDS on admission tickets.


By purchasing this ticket, you agree to the preceding Terms and Conditions of Cosmic-Con, LLC.

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